Mar 15


The Challenge of the Week comes from none other than Steve and Bonnie Pfiester, creators of Do BCx Boot Camp. Here is the link to the original workout which is affectionately called, KILL BILL Workout…and Ed, and Suzy, and Tom, and…

This Weeks Challenge:

1/2 Mile Run
25 Air Squats
25 Squat Thrusts
25 Get Ups
25 Cartwheels
25 Hanging Knees

4 Rounds For Time

I plan on erasing some serious, excess BELLY & MISTAH FLAB with this workout. This is one of those workouts where you really don’t know which is worse, the exercise you’re currently doing or the one you have to do next, which means……It’s ALL GOOD!

I admit, I am not a very good runner. Never have been. And, actually, don’t really have a desire to be much of a long distance runner. What I liked about this workout was the 4 short sprints. I can deal with that. It was still tough for me, but I did it. You quick runners will be able to blow my times away and I hope to improve my sprinting speed as time goes on. I’d love to be able to knock these 1/2 mile sprints down to 4 minutes or less. Some of you are laughing, I know. That’s ok. We all have to start somewhere. And this is where I am.

Here are my times:

Round 1. 12:40
Round 2. 11:58
Round 3. 11:26
Round 4. 12:11

Now do me a favor and record your times HERE. Let the Pfiesters know how you liked their workout. You can post them here too of course. I’d like to know how you did as well. Let’s keep exercising, eating right and learning to live Every Day Fit.


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  1. Bonnie

    Here were Steve’s times and his BCx group for the total workout;
    First guy (Jim) to finish was at: 38:30. Last guy in around 49 minutes.

    1. Christopher Borders

      Wow, great time! Thanks for posting Bonnie. My first area to work on is the running. I know I can do better. The next area is the Get Ups! By the last set, I looked like a fish outa water.

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