Jun 13

Balance on Vacation

Going on vacation doesn’t have to mean taking a vacation from your fitness lifestyle as well.  It’s all about balance. In this case, the Polar Balance.  An upcoming challenge from Polar will have us focusing on our fitness and using their amazing tools like the PolarA360, Polar Balance scale and the Polar Flow App.

BalanceSBSOn a recent trip to St George, UT I made sure to take some essentials; my Can-am side-by-side and my Polar Balance.  I love the personal guidance generated for me by using the scale in conjunction with my PolarA360 fitness tracker and the Polar Flow app that I’ve installed on my Android phone.

The Polar Balance is very light and easily slid under my seat on the 4 hour drive to Southern Utah.  Now, will I take my Polar Balance with me on every vacation? Probably not, but for the purpose of this blog, it was quite easy.

2016-06-12 23.02.50-1The Polar Balance may keep me accountable at weigh-in but the PolarA360 keeps me accountable throughout the day.  I love being able to see my progress throughout the day to see how close I am to meeting my daily goals.

When I workout I’m able to keep track of my heart rate and calories burned.  When I really got serious about changing my lifestyle and getting fit, these tools from Polar were and still are a huge help.  The Polar Flow App even gives me suggestions on how I can more quickly reach my goals.image

A good way to help stay balanced during a vacation is to get a little workout in.  Here is the workout I did one morning when I was in St. George.  It’s a pyramid style workout using a kettlebell and two dumbbells. The exercises are Kettlebell Swing, Kettlebell Deadlift and Dumbbell Shoulder Press.  It goes like this:

1,2,3…8,9,10,9,8…3,2,1 repetitions.photostudio_1465821584595

1 Kettlebell Swing, 1 Kettlebell Deadlift, 1 Dumbbell Shoulder Press.

2 Kettlebell Swing, 2 Kettlebell Deadlift, 2 Dumbbell Shoulder Press.

Keep going up to 10 repetitions then come back down to 1 repetition.

Resting as needed, this workout should take about 20 minutes.  Choose a weight that is challenging but allows you to keep good form.  This one might be fun to do with a friend or loved one.


And of course, the best way to stay balanced while on vacation is to control your diet.  Here is one of my favorite after workout meals.

  • 4 pieces Canadian Bacon: 80 Calories(Protein 13g/Carbs 1.5g/Fat 2g)
  • 1 wedge Laughing Cow Cheese: 35 Calories(Protein 2g/Carbs 1g/Fat 1.5g)
  • 1 Egg White: 20 Calories(Protein 1.5g/Carbs 0/Fat .1g)

Sprinkle with your favorite seasoning and I like to add a few drops of hot sauce or bbq sauce or even salsa.  I was in Florida visiting my good friend, Steve Pfiester, when he introduced me to this yummy treat.

Polar Balance smart scale used with their PolarA360 activity tracker and web service bridges eating habits and weight loss with daily activity and exercise providing me the guidance I need to meet my fitness goals at home and while on vacation.

Use Code POLARFITBLOG to get 20% off the Polar Balance or any Activity Tracker. Code expires 8/31/16.

Here we are after a 7 hour tour of Southern Utah through lots of Spring runoff.  I still feel like I’m covered with mud. Better wash that off before I step on my Polar Balance to see if I’m reaching my weight goals.2016-06-12 12.07.29

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Polar US . The opinions and text are all mine.

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