EveryDayFit was created to Share Workouts, Enthusiasm for Fitness and Living EveryDayFit!

What is the point of working your butt off doing workouts all week long and eating clean and healthy just to blow all the progress you’ve made over the weekend by not paying attention to your diet!

Every Day Fit will share with you the workouts we do, blogs we read, products we try, even fitness apparel we like. We’ll share with you all things, fitness wise, that turn us on. Many of the workouts we do and products we try are found on the net. We’ll tell you how they worked for us and where to go to find them.

At Every Day Fit, we understand how difficult it can be to find the time to work out and eat healthy. We know! We own and operate a full time medical billing bussiness. We work 7 day’s a week and many of them are 12-16 hour days. We try to have fun doing it, but we work are butts off! We’ve found how important it is to surround yourself with like-minded folks. If you want to get in shape, what better way to motivate yourself than to be bombarded with uplifting, positive thinking tweets, facebook updates, emails etc etc. We have made more fitness friends in the past year than in our whole lives put together. We support each other. We encourage each other. We give each other better lives by living Every Day Fit.

About Christopher Borders:
Christopher had what some would call an unconventional growing up. He was born in Indianapolis Indiana in 1966. When he was 5 he moved to Australia and lived on a sail boat for 3 years. He sailed up the great barrier reef and across the Indian Ocean to Madagascar and La Reunion. Then he moved back to Brown County Indiana and lived in a 2 room log cabin, with no running water, on 80 acres of wilderness. After 3 years it was time for a change and he moved to Hawaii. He still loves to boogie board and snorkel. He moved to Utah in 1978 and now resides in Herriman, Utah with his wife Dawn and son Chandler.

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